Markets, Productivity, and Happiness in a Historical Perspective

Marc Fleurbaey
"Markets, society, and well-being"
Abstract: Over two centuries, economics has developed as the scientific project of analyzing economic activities independently of the social sphere in which they are embedded. This project is fundamentally flawed. Recognizing the embeddedness of the "economy" in the "society" overthrows classical results about efficiency and requires broadening the notions of efficiency, equity, and the measurement of well-being.
Marc Fleurbaey is CNRS Senior Researcher, Professor at Paris School of Economics, and Associate Professor at ENS-Ulm, and up to 2020 was Robert E. Kuenne Professor at Princeton University. Author of Beyond GDP (with Didier Blanchet, OUP 2013), A Theory of Fairness and Social Welfare (with François Maniquet, CUP 2011), and Fairness, Responsibility and Welfare (OUP, 2008), he is a former editor of Social Choice and Welfare and Economics and Philosophy and is currently an associate editor of Philosophy and Public Affairs as well as Politics, Philosophy and Economics. He is one of the initiators of the International Panel on Social Progress, and lead author of its Manifesto for Social Progress (CUP 2018). He was a coordinating lead author for the IPCC 5th Report, a member of the United Nations Committee for Development Policy from 2016 to 2021, and he has co-chaired task forces of the T20 in recent years.