Markets, Productivity, and Happiness in a Historical Perspective

Gala Dinner at Caffè Pedrocchi on Friday 10 June 

The Caffè Pedrocchi is a historical literary Caffè housed in a 19th century neoclassical building.

The decoration of its rooms was entrusted between 1826 and 1831 to the architect Giuseppe Jappelli. The  rooms are each decorated in a different style (Egyptian, Romanesque, Cinquecento, Etruscan, etc.).

For over a century it has been a prestigious meeting point for intellectuals, students, academics and politicians.

On February 8, 1848, the wounding of a university student inside the Caffè gave way to the Italian Risorgimento riots; even today the episode is remembered in the official university hymn Di canti di gioia.

Caffè Pedrocchi is also known as the “Café without a door” (Caffè senza porte) because it was open day and night, without interruption.