Markets, Productivity, and Happiness in a Historical Perspective

Iris Origo and the narrative of an alternative economy

Dal Degan Francesca, University of Pisa

The contribution of Iris Cutting Origo (1902-1988) to the history of economic ideas has received relatively scant attention despite its significance and impact. The biography of this passionate researcher in history, literature and economics is particularly fascinating not only because of the many connections she had with the Anglo American intellectual circles in Tuscany, but above all because of her political militancy and economic committment. Origo embraced the anti-fascist cause, she set up social and care centres, and she engaged in economic cooperation and farming experiment activities on a significant scale. The published and unpublished material available for the reconstruction of Iris Origo's thought is particularly rich and, in its various forms (diary writing, correspondence, essays), will be considered in this work, in order to retrace her view of the economy and the initiatives she carried out. Thus, the principal aim of this work is to offer a different perspective to th


Keywords: Women and Economic thought, 20th Century Italian Economic thought, Economics and Care, Agricultural Cooperation

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