Money, Banks and Finance in Economic Thought

Friday 24 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm, after the general assembly of the ESHET, a theatre Conference by Vanessa Oltra, Just'Art Company, will be given at Science Po Lille:



The TRUE Conference "Adam Smith, Le Grand Tour"

Theatre Conference by Vanessa OLTRA, JUST’ART Company  


The TRUE Conference is inspired by the play “Adam Smith, Le grand tour” written by Vanessa Oltra, who is also Associate professor in economics at Bordeaux University, which has been created in 2013 at the French Institute of Edinburgh, during the Fringe Festival.

The theatre conference is based on life and works of Adam Smith, showing how his ideas on economics are used into modern society and hijacked for political purposes. The performance is like a journey in the Scottish Enlightenment on Adam Smith’s footsteps enlightening the contemporary resonances of Smith’s philosophy and its political distortion.

To go back to the Scottish Enlightenment is to return to the origins of political economy and its philosophical underpinnings, as a way to reinvent the Enlightenment of the XXI century.

The text of the play has been edited in a book entitled Les Lumières d’Adam Smith – La philosophie et l’économie en scène (Editions Le Bord de l’eau).

Teaser on Youtube: