Money, Banks and Finance in Economic Thought

Notes on Some Limits of Pareto's Methodology and its Interpretations

Ragni Ludovic, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis
Baldin Claire, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis

The article assesses the foundations of the methodology applied by Pareto to economics and sociology. The first part revisits the limits of the experimentalism that Pareto proposes for these two disciplines. The second part explains the stages that define the logico-experimental and synthesis method that Pareto proposes for sociology. The third part highlights Pareto's methodological eclecticism. We show that Pareto’s results in economics and sociology are not always based on the same method. The fourth part explains why the methodological forms used by Pareto do not allow the synthesis of the results that he claims to achieve.


Keywords: Economic methodology, Economic Thought, Sociology, Epistemology, Pareto, J-S Mill, Concrete Deductive Method, Logico-experimental method,

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