Money, Banks and Finance in Economic Thought

Calculating Without Money: In Kind Accounting of O. Neurath and A. Chayanov

Nenovsky Nikolay, CRIISEA, University of Amiens

The construction of moneyless economy has long been seen not only as a “utopian” solution to social inequalities and problems but also as a way to deal with economic inefficiency (Aucuy, 1908). In the 20s of the last century, debate about the possibilities of calculation under socialism was fundamental (and was repeatedly investigated). The debate is again relevant today especially when, the money relations change fundamentally. In this article, I look at the natural (in kind) economy model proposed by the Great Russian economist A. Chayanov, especially his book 1920/21 (and some of his collaborators as A. Vanstchein, G. Petuhov, N. Mackevic, F. Termitin) in a comparative perspective to that of Otto Neurath, one of the original thinkers of the early 20th century (Mardellat, 2018). Neurath’s works were popular in Bolshevik Russia (see for ex. Neurath, 1919). I compare Chayanov's “in kind” proposal to the alternative “energy” and “labour” solutions that existed in Soviet Russia at that time (1918-1921), models such as those of M. Smith, S. Klepikov, A. Vanstchtein, H. Kreve, S. Strumilin, V. Sarabianov. The emergence of all these moneyless proposals is addressed in historical context, regarding the role of war economy, communist ideology etc. Furthermore, in my opinion, Chayanov has formulated a number of modern methods of efficacy assessment, and benchmarking such as those of DEA nonparametric models, for half a century before their modern reappearance. *********************************************************************************************************************** Bibliography Aucuy, M. (1908). Les systèmes socialistes d’échange, Félix Alcan Editeur, Paris Nenovsky, N. (2016). The Soviets monetary experience (1917 – 1924) through the perspective of the discussion on unity and diversity of money, MPRA Paper No. 79864 Neurath, O. (2004 [1919, 1916, 1925]). Economic Writings Selection 1904 – 1945, Eds. T. Uebel and R. Cohen, Kluwer Academic Publishers, New York Mardellat, P. (2018). L'économie de guerre et la possibilité du calcul économique socialiste : L’enjeu de la controverse entre Neurath-Weber, paper presented at the conférence Journées d'études « Les économistes et la guerre », Ecole militaire, Paris décembre 2018 Вайнштейн, А. (1921). Библиография вопросов безденежного учета, В: Методы безденежного учета хозяйственных предприятий, Труды Высшего Семинария с.-й. экономики и политики при Петровской С.-Х. Академии, выпуск 2, 91-98 Нейрат, О. (1919). Основы международного товарообмена, Народное Хозяйство, (1-2): 4-10 Юровский, Л. (под ред.) (1926). Наше денежное обращение. Сборник материалов по истории денежного обращения в 1914-1925 г.г., Финансовое издательство НКФ СССР, Москва Юровский, Л. (2008). Денежная политика Советской власти (1917 - 1927). Избранные статьи, под. ред. Ю. Голанда, Экономика, Москва Чаянов, А. (1921). Понятие выгодности социалистического хозяйства (Опыт построения счетоводства социалистического хозяйства


Keywords: monetary theory, war economy, communist monetary economy, social and in kind accounting

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