Money, Banks and Finance in Economic Thought

Collecting records of the financial and fiscal history of Belgium. The SATURN and MONETA Projects

Trigalet Michel, Belgian State Archives
Preneel Marij, Belgian State Archives
Romain Durieux, Archives générales du Royaume (Belgium)

In February 2004, the Belgian State Archives set up a working group on the archives of the Ministry of Finance (French : Service public fédéral or SPFFinances / Dutch : Federale Overheidsdienst or FOD Financiën / English : Federal Public Service Finance), which coordinates throughout the country the actions carried out by the State Archives for this large department. In recent years, under the lead of this working group, the cooperation between the State Archives and the FPS Finance has significantly strengthened thanks to two projects: SATURN, launched in February 2013, and MONETA started in April 2015. The SATURN Project(SATURN stands for : Selection of Archives and Transfer Under Right coNditions). The SATURN project was set up in February 2013 to implement the Archive Law efficiently in the largest federal administration, the FPS Finance. FPS Finance pays three ‘archival teams’ who prepare, under the supervision of the State Archives, the transfer of archives from all kind of services, spread all over the country. The assessment of the project after 6 years of activities is rather satisfactory when compared to the previous methods. The MONETA Project (stands for : Manual and Overview eNabling Efficient use of Transferred / -able Archives) As a sequel of the SATURN project, the State Archives initiated in April 2015 the Moneta Project. The main goal is to publish an archive guide for the researchers and users interested in fiscal policy, economics and public finance in Belgium in the 19th and 20th Century. Its design is based on the demands of the researchers and will allow to find valuable answers to various questions quickly and direct access to documents or series, even for researchers who have no idea how FPS Finance works or how the administration is organised. Furthermore, it will help the record managers in the process of appraisal and selection. In the summer of 2019, a third project will start to complete the database of the financial resorts in Belgium for the 19th and 20th Century. That is a very complicated case. Once the database is finished, it has to be possible to know


Keywords: Belgium; Fiscal Policy; Taxation; Records Management; Archives; Federal Public Service Finance