Money, Banks and Finance in Economic Thought

The Economic Principle of Political Liberalism

Nalli Federica, università di Roma LUMSA
Santori Paolo, LUMSA University

In his recent book The Community of Advantage (2018), Robert Sugden theorizes the Principle of Mutual Benefit. Nowithstandig Sugden's humean conventionalism, it emerges evidently the connection with John Rawls's contractualism, as recognized by the economist himself. Our paper inquires this intellectual relation. In particular, we try to understand the role that Sugden's Principle would occupy in Rawls's Political Liberalism, asking if it would be chosen by the contracting parties in the Original Position. The outcome integrates Rawls's and Sugden's systems, proposing a new economic principle for Political Liberalism. The broader aim is to soften the opposition between conventionalism and contractualism, which probably prevented to find a satisfactory idea of legitimacy for Liberal societies.


Keywords: mutual benefit - contractualism - liberalism - market ethics

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