Money, Banks and Finance in Economic Thought

Complete session on the serie "économie politique moderne", published by ENS-Editions

Ludovic Frobert, CNRS/ENS-Lyon

This is a full session proposal.The subject would be the collection of short books (or essays) "modern political economy". Launched in 2004 by ENS-Editions, this collection is now in its twelfth volume. Each volume consists of the translation of a fundamental article of contemporary economics (post-1918) as well as a long introduction presenting and putting into perspective the author, the text and the context.The challenge of the session is to come back to the issue of such a collection. We will do so by presenting three recently published volumes. Président: Ludovic Frobert (CNRS/ENS-Lyon) Michael Assous (Univ. Lyon2) et Paul Fouchard, "Michael Kalecki" Patricia Commun (Univ. Cergy) et Raphaël Fèvre (Univ. Cambridge), "Walter Eucken" Amanar Akhabar (ESSCA), "Wassily Leontief"


Keywords: Modern economics, edition, Kalecki, Leontief, Eucken