Money, Banks and Finance in Economic Thought

Review of Deleplace's Ricardo on money

Marcuzzo Maria Cristina, Sapienza, Università di Roma

In writing this book Ghislain Deleplace had a clear purpose in mind, namely to show that Ricardo “was not only a giant on value, distribution, and accumulation, but on money too” and this dictated his strategy, which amounts to “providing a comprehensive study of Ricardo on money, to rehabilitating him as a theorist, accounting for all his monetary writings, and suggesting his relevance for modern analysis. An essential part of Deleplace’s endeavour was to dismantle layers of interpretations that misrepresented Ricardo’s own thought, superimposing concepts and language that pertained to a different theory or applied to a different context. Deleplace's endeveour lies in tracing the evolution in Ricardo’s theory of money from the Bullion Essays (1809-11) to Proposals (1816) and the Principles (1817-21) with great scholarly care, making of this book the most exhaustive, best researched and most profoundly impassioned account of Ricardo’s monetary theory at present available.


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