Money, Banks and Finance in Economic Thought

Les archives économiques et financières du Centre des archives économiques et financières (Savigny-le-Temple)

Laperdrix Marie, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Digital and Public Affairs

Creating and keeping information initially for organisational, legal and financial reasons provides a crucial source of knowledge for professions such as historians. The archives from the ministry of Economy and Finance provide a broader glimpse into the making processes of control and analysis of markets and how banks could contribute to the global economy. The archives from “la Bourse de Paris” (French stock Exchange) are particularly relevant. In 2011, the Paris School of Economics (PSE) and the archive department of the ministry of economy and Finance launched a special AI and Big Data program on these archives since 1850’s in order to improve the knowledge of markets place and stock exchange in France in the XIXth and XXth Century. The head of archives and records of this archive department will attempt to address the issue of these archives and the way it could improve the knowledge of banks and their influence on French and European economy. Reference :


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