Development and Underdevelopment in the History of Economic Thought

The symbol of Society Modernization in China

hu yi hu, China Society for the History of Economic Thought

Based on an analytical narrative of the rescue process of WenChuan heavy earthquake, I reduce conviction and motivation inside the event and explore the trend of socialism in China. After commenting on the paper “Modernization of China’s society should be on schedule” in Lianhe Zaobao of Singapore,I conclude that Modernization of China should be the symbol which shows the trend of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. The Symbol of Society Modernization is based on the following “form of meaning”: 1)it is the tradition of uniting society.Hobsbawn(1983) 2)it is the invention of tradition and in compliance with Modernization.Alitto(1991) 3)it is an emergent property.Chenkland(1999) 4)it complies with Historical Materialism.Kangzhi,Zhang(2012) 5)it conforms to the principle of Social Archaeology.Weiss(2007) 参考文献: 霍布斯鲍姆.(2008).传统的发明.南京:译林出版社. 张康之.(2012).走向合作社会.北京:中国人民出版社. 艾恺.(1991).世界范围内反现代化思潮.贵阳:贵州人民出版社. 赵毅衡.(2015).符号学:原理与推演.南京:南京大学出版社. 赵毅衡.(2017). 意义理论_符号现象学_哲学符号学. 《符号与传媒》第十五辑. 杨炳霖.(2012). “黑堡宣言” 于今日中国之意义.<<公共行政评论>>. Lindsay Weiss(2007).Heritge-making and political identity. Journal of Social Archaeology. Peter Checkland (1999).Soft System Methodology a 30-year retrospecfive.London:John Wiiley & SONS LTD.


Keywords: symbol ;analytical narrative;form of meaning