Development and Underdevelopment in the History of Economic Thought

Against the Tides: How Leading Agents Battled the Interwar Deglobalisation

Morrison James, London School of Economics & Political Science

These three papers grapple with the underpinnings of global economic integration by examining the role that leading agents--and their ideas--played in defining the struggle against this deglobalisation. Each examining a different critical juncture, the papers run across the full period of this dark era. They all address the relationship between economic theory and economic policy, between security and political economy, and between trade and the international monetary system. Of course, Keynes--both as an intellectual and as a policy-crafter--looms large. But these papers also bring lesser known--but pivotal--figures into the discussion. And each does serious work to shed new light on infamous--and misunderstood--figures such as Walter Cunliffe, Philip Snowden, and Harry Dexter White.


Keywords: interwar; trade regime; gold standard; keynes

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