Entrepreneurship, knowledge and employment

Marx and the Marxist theory of (under)development

Ramírez Cendrero Juan Manuel, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Although an important part of the developments from Marxist theory during the 20th century has been associated with the analysis of capitalism in underdeveloped and dependent areas, the Marx´s contributions have often been diluted or blurred. Even if the incipient nineteenth-century world economy did not identify a Third World, there are Marxian elements advice some singularities in the forms that capitalist accumulation could adopt. What elements of continuity and rupture exist between these elements and the Marxist theories of dependency and uneven development? What new elements show the current approaches that Marxism makes on an unequal world? The main goal of this research is answer these questions from a perspective based on current World Economy.


Keywords: Marx, marxist, underdevelopment, Third World

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