Entrepreneurship, knowledge and employment

The management of water supply companies under the “Jevons’ Solar Spots”

Santacruz Cano Javier, Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles

Water supply management has become as a key element in the actual economic and social debate. Most concretely, water is one of the five main risks that the global economy faces. This study deals with the impact on the management of water supply firms on critical economic zones and its relationship with the commodities market (under a "climate change" scenario) towards the Theory of “Solar Spots” stated by William Stanley Jevons in 1870 that was the first economic interpretation of the Real Business Cycle Theory. Some economic processes follow natural dynamics both in the earth and outside. Water is also a good example of these natural movements. Productivity gains in agriculture and industries, mining and the behavior of non-human provoked climate change, are key factors influenced by water supply.


Keywords: Jevons, water supply, “Solar spots”, climate change

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