Entrepreneurship, knowledge and employment

Prosopography of Experimental Economists

Svorencik Andrej, University of Mannheim

This paper uses prosopography to examine the emergence and development of the experimental economics community in its formative period from the 1970s until 2000. Prosopography or collective biography is a historiographical method that identifies and draws relationships between various people within a specific, well-defined historical or social context by collecting and analyzing relevant biographical data. It is the study of biographical details of individuals in aggregate, not a biography of groups. My prosopography of experimental economists is based on the extensive Y2K Bibliography of Experimental Economics and Social Science which lists exactly 2000 publications & about 500 discussion papers in experimental economics and social science that appeared until the year 2000. This bibliography allows identifying most, if not all contributors to experimental economics literature and by studying their biographies their connections – departmental and advisor-advisee —are reconstructed.


Keywords: Experimental Economics, Prosopography, Collective Biography

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