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The translation into Spanish of the 5th edition of the Treaty of Say. A comparative analysis

Castro-Valdivia Mariano, Universidad de Jaén

Jean-Baptiste Say has been the classical economist who was most often translated into Spanish during the first half of the 19th century. Of the numerous works translated in that period, we will analyze in this communication the three existing versions in Spanish of the 5th edition of the Traité d'économie politique, printed in Paris in 1826, and the last edition published during the lifetime of the author of this work. For a long time, it was thought that this edition only had a Spanish translation. The one made by D. José Antonio de Ponzoa, printed in Madrid in 1838. However, we can affirm that there is an edition in Spanish prior to this, published in Paris in 1836 and by Mr. Antonio Sánchez de Bustamente. In addition, a reprint of the previous one, dated 1839 and published in Gerona in the Oliva printing house, has been located. The purpose of the communication is to carry out a comparative analysis of the original French edition with each of the Spanish editions in order to know the degree of reliability in the dissemination of Jean-Baptiste Say's economic ideas to Spanish. In addition, we will compare the Spanish versions to detect whether the Ponzoa version was based on that of Sánchez de Bustamante or is a new version. Also, the versions of Paris and Gerona will be compared to contrast that the last one is a true reissue of the first one. Finally, the communication will address how was the dissemination and reception of the concept of businessman that Say exposed in his work.


Keywords: Diffusion of the classic economic thought, Jean-Baptiste Say, Treaty of political economy

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