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The role of the History of Economic Thought in the Teaching of Economics: A Teaching Innovation Project

Sarasa Aznar Clara, Universidad de Zaragoza

The purpose of this paper is to frame and to explain the experience of a Teaching Innovation Project developed at the University of Zaragoza and based on the experience of two previous works. This project aims to promote the History of Economic Thought as a key discipline to understand and contextualize contemporary economic theories and policies from a critical point of view. In other words, as a key discipline to learn and teach economics. The novelty of the Project is the opening of a transversal training course to the public. The course is offered through the Doctoral School of the University of Zaragoza under the tittle "Economy, Science and Politics. An Institutional and Intellectual History of Economic Thought ". Thanks to a more transversal approach and the effective use of ICT, we were able to develop an introductory massive online course opened to all those interested in the subject. http://pensamientoeconomico-unizar.com


Keywords: Teaching of Economics; History of Economic Thought; Teaching Innovation Project

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