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German, American and French Influences on List's Ideas of Economic Development

Hagemann Harald, University of Hohenheim

In the first half of the nineteenth century the English economy was the leading one in the world, and Friedrich List primarily thought of the USA, France and Germany as the most important economies to catch up. List lived in the United States from 1825 until 1830 and he repeatedly stayed in France for longer periods. In the US List was strongly influenced by Alexander Hamilton and Daniel Raymond, and it was here that the ideas of productive forces and protective tariffs took shape. List's "Outlines of American Political Economy" (1827) were his first major work in economics, a precursor of his later "Natural System of Political Economy" (1837), first submitted in France, and, finally, the "National System of Political Economy" (1840). The paper focuses on the American, French and German Influences on List's Ideas of Economic Development. This essay is intended to be the second of three contributions to the session "Through Wealth to Freedom. Friedrich List: From the Past to the Present"


Keywords: Friedrich List, Economic Development, Productive Forces, Catching up-Economies

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