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Calls for papers in the History of Economic Thought (2012-2017)

Mosca Manuela, University of Salento (Lecce)

This paper presents an overview of the current state of the History of Economic Thought on a world level. The author uses her own data base which includes the calls for papers sent out by the SHOE and ESHET lists from 2012 to 2017. This data base shows which figures "call" historians of economic thought to their conferences, and on which topics. She firstly focuses on the institutions that send out calls for papers, breaking them down by geographical area, subject sector and kind of call, in a perspective of external history. She then examines the conference titles with an internal history approach, distinguishing them according to their subject (single economists, methodology, economic models, critics of mainstream economics, foundations of economic theory, economic policies, development economics, interdisciplinary issues, economic crisis).


Keywords: Data base, conferences, institutions, topics

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