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Russian and (Western) European economic thought: several stories of connections

Avtonomov Vladimir, Higher School of Economics

The relation between Western and Russian economic thought is a sensitive question for Russian economists: there are two extreme positions. 1.Russian thought as permanently lagging and adopting (distorting)European ideas Svyatlovsky (1923), J.F.Normano The Spirit of Russian Economics (1945.) 2/”The Russian school of economic thought” displaying specific features: ethical approach, non- individualistic methodology (Pashkov, Abalkin). In fact the history was more complex. Summing up the general position of Russian economic thought in relation to Western economic thought we can underline three main points: 1.Lagging, 2.Modifications due to specific conditions and 3.Reverse influence due to modifications. We will follow several stories of such interconnections dealing with Smith, German Historical school, Karl Marx.


Keywords: Russian economic thought, Smith, Storch, List, Marx, Chernyshevsky, Bulgakov, Struve, Tugan-Baranovsky

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