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Economics and literature. A representation of the economics in Dickens and Darwin.

Alfranca Oscar, UPC

Dickens's ideas affected nineteenth-century novelists—such as Trollope or Conrad. Criticism and Victorian comments related to Victorian prose are also presented. In this paper the economic ideas of Dickens are presented, and compared with authors such as Darwin. The mechanism which Dickens proposed for the social evolution of society is the selection of nature. Due to the existence of limited resources, the regulatory bodies with heritable traits that favor survival and reproduction tend to leave more offspring than their peers, which means that the frequency of these characteristics increases over several generations. Dickens makes populations to become more and more appropriate to their environment, for a different time. A significant point is that discussion of environment and society, and inheritable variations of industrial society, are also analized.


Keywords: Dickens; Darwin; Literature and Economics

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