Entrepreneurship, knowledge and employment

The Creative Response of the Schumpeterian Entrepreneur: A Qualitative Criterion or a Quantitative Measure

Guler Aydin Derya, Hacettepe University
Öztürk Selcen, Hacettepe University
Başar Dilek, Hacettepe University

Schumpeter focused on the two issues. The first one is the "creative destruction" effect. In the creative destruction process, old structure is destructed and new structure is constructed by dynamic competition, which is related with the innovative actions of the entrepreneur. Creative destruction process can be seen as a revolutionary process by means of destructing old forms and creating new ones. The second issue is the "Schumpeter hypothesis" emphasized on the leading role of large firms in technological development. In his work entitled Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy (1943), Schumpeter states that the leader and innovative big firms are the engines of technological innovations The aim of this study is to analyse the role of entrepreneur on innovative activities in Turkey by using a multinomial logit model. The historical and conceptual backround of the study depends on Schumpeter’s creative entrepreneur. For this reason first part of the study discusses the basic characteristics of the Schumpeterian entrepreneur. Second part includes empirical analysis and policy implications. In addition to the entrepreneurial character, control variables such as state support, firm size, staff structure, etc., which influence innovative activities, will also be used in this part and, thus, the innovative and transformative effect of the innovative entrepreneur, which is emphasised in the literature, on the economic and social structure will be examined and policy implications will be provided. Unfortunately, second part has not finished yet. For this reason, only first part of the study will be introduced here.


Keywords: Schumpeterian entrepreneur, creative response, new technology based firms

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