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Cantillon’s Essai and its plagiarized English versions: New insights on the notion of intrinsic value

Menegatti Matteo, Independent scholar

In this article we intend to conduct a detailed comparison of the two English plagiarized texts (Analysis and Dictionary) with the French Essai (E, in its Higgs translation) in relation to Cantillon’s notion of intrinsic value to highlight aspects of the Essai that so far have been overlooked. In particular, by drawing from the criticism first advanced by Grieve (1993 and 2015), we aim at scrutinizing the main currently-held interpretations of Cantillon as the proposer of either a “land theory of value” (Brewer 1988 and 1992) or of a “cost of production theory” (see Aspromourgos 1989 and 1996) to assess whether, in light of the new textual material available, these interpretations are still tenable.


Keywords: Cantillon, intrinsic value, land theory of value, cost of production theory

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