Entrepreneurship, knowledge and employment

From Beer to Pijiu: Mei Zhu and the Localization of Beer in 20th-Century China

Liu Qunyi, School of Economics, Peking University

We attribute the localization of beer to a Chinese “entrepreneur” Mei ZHU (1909-91). Along the timeline, we analyze the localization of beer through the description of the whole life of Zhu. Following the brief introduction, we introduce the origin of beer and beer industry in China as a background of Zhu’s career. Zhu’s transfer of beer technology will be analyzed in the third part. We utilize the framework of new entrepreneurial history, especially the process of legitimizing novelty to demonstrate Zhu’s contribution to the localization of beer and the creation of the whole industry in China. A few concluding remarks at the end of paper are to answer the controversy concerning Zhu and entrepreneurship in developing markets.


Keywords: Beer industry; Entrepreneurship; China

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